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Illusionist Reza is making magic personal at Wilmington’s Blue Eyed Muse

WILMINGTON — In recent years, magic has evolved. Gone are the days of pulling rabbits out of a hat, now, magicians create shows to enthrall their audience with the art of illusion. But, with so many big acts, how does one stand out in a crowd? For renowned... (more...)

Bottle Cap Illusion

Bottle Cap Illusion Read More →

Mexico Tour Trailer

Mexico Tour Trailer Read More →

Saints Locker Room

Saints Locker Room Read More →

Switchblade Illusion on UK TV

Switchblade Illusion on UK TV Read More →

Training a baby Lynx

Training a baby Lynx  Read More →


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Saints Locker Room

[Video not found] Read More →

Sleight of Knife

Sleight of Knife Read More →


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